This article assumes you have read this article here explaining our Event Types.

Connected Events

Connected Events are events where the Supplying Venue also uses the Event Hub software. This means we can automatically share tickets as soon as the Venue releases.

Stream Events

We build Stream events for you. We have no access to the Tickets automatically. You can however request a digital download of these tickets and load them to our app so every process post ticketing can be automated.

You can do this as PDFS or Barcodes. If you can obtain barcodes you will also be able to brand the tickets with your own design.

Business Events

Business Events may or may not be third-party ticketed. If they are you can upload exactly like our stream events, If you are running the event and you would like ticket the event, you can now generate your own barcodes using Event Hub and then generate your own branded Tickets.

There is an extra per ticket cost to this,

Benefit Events

Generally, Benefit Events are not associated with Benefit Events.

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