This Article refers to where you have a file to load from a third party.

There are many advantages to obtaining your own barcodes. Event Hub can now supply barcodes and also receive them from third parties. Advantages include (applicable to both options)

  • Build and prepare your timetable

  • Build a full year/season from one file

  • Create your own ticket design/branding

  • Update and rebuild your tickets in a few minutes - no back and forth with ticket providers

  • Leverage SMS ticketing easier and faster

Applicable only were Event Hub supplies:

  • on-share barcodes via our barcode API

  • Use our APPs to receive updated barcodes at room or gate entry.

Barcodes are really pretty simple :)

In our event context, a barcode is a unique number (long!) that represents entry or rights to a seat for a period of time - an event.

There are generally three questions that will influence your barcode file.

  1. Does the file cover more than one event?

    1. if your data covers more than one event (and we suggest this for productivity and simplicity) then you will need a reference to the Event that the barcode is for. We call this Event_ID. if your third party provides the barcodes - they should also add their eventID. The EventID allows us to match the files Event to the Event "in-app".

  2. Is the Asset/Space/Facility have general seating or specific seating, If Seating is reserved per seat the barcode will need to reference a section, row and seat number.


Sample GA Event

eventID |. Barcode

abc123. | 123567890

Sample Seated Event

eventID |. Barcode | Section | row | seat#

abc123 | 123567890 |West. | AA | 1

Sample Files can be found by clicking here

Watch Outs

CONTROL - whenever loading any data - its always good to have a control number at hand to verify the load. As an example you may have  1500 barcodes. Know this number -> at the end of the load we will confirm by returning in the app...

"the number of Barcodes just loaded was...."

make sure its what you expected.

Hold on - where is my Best entry or Stsnd or Level?

Data Classroom:

The data your sharing is likely an Xl file or a csv file.

To see what a CSV file is and how best-handled click here.

Expected use and configuration:

Stream user:

T5 users can load barcodes to Stream or Business events. See definition here.

Connect User:

You must set Ticket Type to Third Party Barcodes.

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