There are a number of ways to get help on Event Hub.

Support Hours

Our general support hours are 10 am - 6 pm AEST Monday - Friday.

Support Channels


Tier 5 reply in 1 hour: Weekend "Urgent" supported TIER 5 ONLY

Tier 4 reply in 4 hrs

Tier 3 reply in 8 Hrs

You are able to look at your user info in the top right corner of out app to see your companies Tier.

In-App Chat

Tier 5 reply in 1 hour. - Current (03/21) Average 5 minutes.

Tier 4 reply in 4 hrs

Tier 3 NO In-app chat.

Outside of these hours if your issue is critical add the word "Urgent" to your subject line of an email to our staff members are automatically alerted to your support need. NOTE SLA times only applied for Tier 5 customers only.

Generally, Tier 3 customers should firstly contact their account representatives at the Venue.

When logged in to your Event Hub portal you'll find the orange or blue chat icon in the bottom-right corner of your browser. Simply click to open and search for answers or start a conversation with our support team.

It really helps if you can provide specific details about your issue. Screen dumps or even videos provide a massive Help. Data suggests that screen dumps or videos can increase the effectiveness of a support response over 10X.

If this cannot be provided we will often ask for a Quick "screen share". This is where we offer a google meet link and we can watch you use the app and try to understand what is happening.

There are many terms and words used to describe what is happening in a software application - it is far more effective to "see the issues" than to swap words. Sometimes it's literally like another language is being used between us and a translator is needed. Different people see software differently.

A picture tells a thousand words :)

Help Manuals and Articles

As you've seen we have completely rebuilt the app during the COVID period. That meant all our articles and videos have become redundant. New materials are all in build and will progressively added to;

We have also engaged a Technical writer to provide Quick-Step Guides. We expect the first of these issued in May 2021.

High Volume Fridays

We completely understand event needs and expect them to require all sorts of support at any time. Hence our "Urgent" term via emails on weekends

We do often see a huge demand for help Fridays. However, These tend to be 90% EDM changes. We provide templates for EDMs and it's very hard to provide quick "EDM change" turn - arounds. EDMs require reasonable technical skills and generally best handled by your design team.

We provide solid templates - and changes need testing. This is not something that can be done urgently with a large invite send due that afternoon - especially if you are a new user.

We also suggest that any new EDMs are planned to be ready before a season or event commences for testing. Generally, EDMs cannot be fixed in a few minutes if the special code added to the templates has been broken.

We strongly suggest testing of NEW or 'first-time used" EDMs at least a week before an event or season commences. This might be referred to as "Best Practice".

Updated Training

it's really important to get some training - before trying to embark on use in our app.

See our calendar training system here.

We suggest training a few days before any big event is ready to release especially where you are a new user.


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