EDMs can be very complex - that's largely due to Microsoft and the way it displays eDM in OUTLOOK.

Here is why;


See examples here of well know rendering issues.


Our EDM builder works well in modern HTML browser like GMAIL. If it previews well in our app these mail clients will work well.

Here is a great article on some ways to resolve.


It may not work well in newer versions of Outlook and certainly won't work well in older versions of Outlook. This is a common issue across all ESP engines (email systems).

Now if you believe you must have a 100% accurate eDM across all outlook versions. I would;

  • Plan more time for testing

  • Engage a specialist to build from the start your template - this can be anywhere from $400-$2000 AUD per template. Event Hub has access to one expert who is very stretched - but many agencies offer this service.

  • Plan more time for testing

  • Plan more time for testing :)

Need to know more?
google search "Outlook Email rendering common issues"

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