The acronym EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail and is commonly used to describe personalized email communications at volume. Where as the acronym RSVP is French and it stands for répondez s'il vous plaît. It literally means "please respond".

The standard invitation flow in Event Hub has four (4) guest touch-points, excluding reminders; Invitation, RSVP, Confirmation & Details.

These touch-points are defined as;

  1. Invitation - An email request sent to a potential guest to attend your event.

  2. RSVP - A landing page where the potential guests responses (i.e. attendance, dietary preferences, parking, etc.) are collected.

  3. Confirmation - A system generated email confirming the guest's responses from invitation and RSVP.

  4. Details - A few days prior to the date of an event a follow-up reminder email with specific details about an event. It may even include digital tickets, maps, catering menus, venue timings, where this has been configured.

Designing an Invite

Invite templates can be designed and developed using standard HTML and special Event Hub tags that will automatically be populated, at send time, with event specific variables from your Event Relationship Management system, Event Hub.

There is little structure that is mandatory in terms of design to use our suggestion. However, the more you utilize our variables the more you will be able to leverage the cost and time to design one EDM across many events.

Variables are what you see on the templates in curly brackets

Example of event configuration and the corresponding variable tags.

The diagram below illustrates the Event Configuration Details

The diagram below illustrates the Event Configuration RSVP & EDM Config details.

A complete reference for available variables is available here:

Click to view the Event Hub Complete Variable Tag Reference

Need help with designing or configuring your EDM templates? Talk to our EDM Design Services Team.

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