Hey - so you wanted to know about our 4 Event Chips.

Event Hubs' ideas center around the benefits of having one source of the truth for all events, aggregated and consistent reporting, and leveraging new technologies across many functions.

Event Hub defines 4 types of Events.

  1. "Connected Events" - these are events added to your site that automatically come from the Venues we work with and use our software. In these cases, we can share Event data, share tickets automatically and you can share orders like Food and Beverage orders back to the Venue.

  2. Stream Events! - Ok so we recognize that every single public Venue out there does not use our software and your organization may have an asset at one of them. So consistent with our strategy of "one database for all events" we can automate the event build for these venues. Whilst we cant automate the ticketing or the order - we can still obtain this public information and help you automate this very mundane step.

  3. "Business Events" - Business Events are events managed inside our app and part of your organization. These might be trade fairs, CEO roadshows, race days, or XMAS parties. More and more companies who use our application for Public Events - also now use our application for internal events. And some companies use our application just for their own events! They don't have interest in events at large venues :P

  4. "Benefits Events" - a more recent style of Event has recently been added. As part of a sponsorship or promotional deal, you can now store these assets in Event Hub.

Want to learn more? Drop our team an email at support@evethub.com.au or ask for a team member to chat about this on our chat channel.

Thank you!

Learn about ticketing for each event type here.

Event Hub Ticketing

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