During 2019 Event Hub sought to review it's product, review gaps and process customer feedback. In doing so we begun to identify the need to clearly define and clarify our application in 2 parts. Event Hub Connect + Event Hub Stream.

Event Hub Connect is our new E-commerce suite that provides true "Event based" sales and management of event based assets. Think "Shopify for Events".

Whilst our "Stream" product provides all the tools required to manage those assets once bought as explained more here

Of course both applications are cloud based and, importantly, tightly coupled - sharing information where valuable and thereby removing non value added data duplication and providing foundations for new industry-first automations.


Our Sales system is in BETA as of FEB 2020 and provides easy functionality to sell a range of Event Type assets. You can re-direct your webpage to our sales system and of course remains fully branded with your Logo and primary Colours..

Sales can either be pushed to an orders table for manual allocation or will consume as FIFO (first in first out) based on our new Inventory Grid.

Our new Grid, shown below, provides much simpler and smarter tools to manage high volume Event ownership data. Reference events, workflow controls and exception filtering help enhance the efficiency of our system.


Event Hub continues to take an agnostic approach to ticketing. Owners of assets can continue to seamlessly integrate Ticketek and TicketMaster ticketing. As of December od 2019 Event Hub released its own embedded real time premium ticketing system.

All Accounts are supported by standard CRM features supported by automatic notifications.

As mentioned above - both Events and Tickets are shared real time to our "STREAM" system.


Event Hub - Ticketing

Event Hub released its own ticketing in December 2019. The advantages of native Event Hub Premium Ticketing include; 

  • immediate and real time. Tickets are available as soon as ownership is defined.
  • Complete Self service design - Changes can be made anytime up until ticket is actually shared to the consumer. Ticketing Content is (re) generated on demand
  • Added value - ability to add up-sell value purchases to single entry "code". Examples include Entry + campsite + food voucher + Programme.
  • Multi - Scope - provides multi-space ticketing - example multi room. Premium VIP Event inside Event.
  • Seasonality or Multi-game - One code can provide entry access to multiple games or events.
  • Link to CRM - Use advanced CRM features like profiles or bio/pictures to enable enhanced ticketing like Staff/Accreditation or Membership.

Sales System

  • Continued upgrade of Embeddable shareable links and  embeddable code for sales. Ie share sales list to facebook or concrete jungle? Direct to a regular buyer with a special discount?
  • Enhanced Upsells  like parking or merchandise
  • Enhanced self service Inventory consumption and pricing algorithms
  • rebuild of our current F&B sales flow using new these same new sales blocks

Any feedback or further ideas on the above appreciated to scott@eventhub.com.au

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