What is planned for 2020?

After under-going much product review and incorporating customer feedback over the last year, Event Hub has re-defined its product into two distinct applications.

Event Hub "Connect" - now also in operation is our new and growing E-commerce suite - the ability to buy and sell event assets. The roadmap for Connect is contained at this link here.

Event Hub "Stream" is our application that enables management of event assets that you do own (have bought or maintain). Think "Event Asset (ticket) distribution". The road map for Stream is contained below.


We have been working really hard on re-building our Stream platform (previously known as Enterprise) to improve features based on what we've learned from our customers through years of feedback. This re-build is continuing in 2020 and we will begin progressively rolling customers into the new application in the first quarter.  We will be in contact with you directly regarding the specifics and timings of rollout for your company.

Re-build Improvements Include:

  • Simplified and more intuitive user interface
  • Speed improvements, with no system drag for up to 10,000 guests, reduced clicks and bulk actions for common actions, improved sort and filtering options
  • Manage guest tags and add guests quickly to events using tags
  • Self service contact file loader including import contacts direct to event, load from past events
  • Functional A and B List

New Features coming in 2020 after our new platform is released

This visual roadmap which is updated from time to time (usually quarterly) shows at a high level the timings* new features can be expected.

Below is a breakdown of the details of what each feature will include:

Event Build Subscription/Automation

"Auto Event Build" has begun. We can now automate events from over 25 venues and growing. Just let us know what assets you might own at a venue and we will do the rest. If we don't support a venue you are interested in, let us know and we can add.
Where a venue is not part of our Connect system, don’t worry, we have automated monitoring on venue what’s on pages 24 hours a day, making sue our events list stays accurate and up to date.


As our Connect System grows more event data is available to be streamed direct and instantaneously from venues. Data like "new event" or "updated time" agenda and menus are be consumable through personalised email notifications or via our smart phone app.

Smartphone App (Event Hub Express)

We are continuing development of our smartphone app - already used for ticketing check-in and our new parking system.
Next, we will provide (admin determined) an event/ticket availability list to any related internal users (sales reps, business development or marketing team), enabling "request for ticket" to appear in B-list for admins approval.
We will continue to improve our SmartPhone App throughout 2020, to be expected each quarter. (iOS support only, initially)

RSVP Capture Guest Name (Free Seat Registration)

This feature allows the capture of guest name / information via the RSVP process rather than inviting already known guests from a list. As an event builder, you may not have all event participant contact details. A share-able link will be enabled that lets you capture these details for the event and populates them in the contact system.


Send SMS to guests, to remind or update them on event day details such as way finding, timings, parking information, changes etc. which are already in trial.
This will be a significant tool to be used in our automation templates (see event automation below).

Contact Health

This will provide tools to clean up and merge duplicate contacts, to keep contact database free from duplicate entries. This will improve contact quality of email addresses, see when email addresses bounce. Provide control measures/KPIs to improve and maintain outcomes.

Contact Engagement

View the attendance and response rates of guests to improve your contact quality and guest attendance ratios.

Multi-day / Tournament

Execution of multi-day events allowing guests to be invited to multiple days of a tournament or event (all days or some based on an admins choice) with the guests to confirm which days they attend via a single invitation.

Surveys/RSVP Multi Question Blocks

A multi-step question builder facilitating data capture via the RSVP process, in any event, or post event survey. This is an improvement of current capability.
All data is captured, enabling event measurement and contact level satisfaction ratings over time. Poor ratings will be exceptionally displayed.

Event Automation

Create event configuration templates to automate standard and regular transactions. Templates can be built by event type, event tier or event ownership. Automate allocations, distributions, & surveys. Create templates by venue and event type further automating FBT calculations.

*Timings are estimates only and subject to change

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