Every email that goes out from the Event Hub app is being tracked to: 

  1. Confirm delivery to recipients
  2. If email has been viewed/opened
  3. And if recipient clicked a link from the invite.

We use Mailgun to make this happened.

You can view these information from any event on Manage Guest List where emails had been sent to guests.

In this article you will know how Invite opened as indicated by a green check on the second column of the Notification Status on a guest who's been sent an invite is being tracked.

Opens are tracked by including a transparent .png file, which will only work if there is an HTML component to the email (i.e., text only emails will not track opens). 

Many email service providers disable images by default, so this data will only show up if the recipient clicks on display images button in his/her email.

In some cases, if the recipient server has an application that scans emails it will trigger the png file causing it to report that it was opened during the scan. 

If you see on a guest that email had been delivered and opened but the guest comes to you and say he hasn't received any invite, the email could be blocked by the recipient's Email Delivery System which has an application that scans emails triggering a report to our system that the email had been opened.

Please contact our support team via in-app chat or email if you have further questions.

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