This option allows clients to specify if and how many children will be attending, and displays children’s menus accordingly.

Price for any non-child friendly standard menus will only be calculated based on the number of adults attending and vice versa.

Saves double handling and offline communications.

Note: Make sure you have a children's menu to enable this feature. To create a menu, see article on How to create a menu.

Step 1.

 Select [PRODUCTS & SERVICES], choose [Flows].

Step 2.

 Select the appropriate flow and [Edit].

Step 3.

 Check the [Child Friendly] button.

Step 4. 

Add the children's menu step then tick the [Children's Menu] box.

Step 5.

 Click Save.


Click [View] on the flow to preview.

On the first part, client will be asked to enter the number of adults and children.

The number of adults and children will be shown on the header as the client proceeds to place the order.

In the order summary, the standard menu quantity is calculated based on the number of adults only.

Note: If there are child friendly standard menus in the flow, the quantity for these are calculated based on the number of children only.

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