When sending invitations to guests, it's recommended to automatically set a reminder before the RSVP cut-off date to give those guests who haven't responded a little nudge. 😉

If you've forgotten to set up automatic reminders when you sent the original invitations this article describes how to manually send a reminder.

Sending a Reminder

Step 1

From [GUEST MANAGEMENT] find the event for which you want to send reminders. Then select [Actions] drop-down menu and click [Send Multiple Invites]

Step 2.

Select the desired Invitation template from the panel. For more detailed instructions on sending invitations please look at: Sending Multiple Invitations or Sending Individual Invitation.

Step 3.

Click [Customise] to customise the email invitation settings.

Note: Guests who've already accepted or declined your invitation will not be listed. Only guests who haven't responded will be shown.

Step 4.

In the Customise Email dialogue, add 'REMINDER' (or anything helpful) to the subject line. Then click [Update] to apply changes.

Step 5.

To ensure the updated 'subject line'  is set for all guests, click [Apply To All], then click [Next >]

Step 6.

Click [Next >] to confirm recipients. You can send to all guests, or select specific recipients.

Step 7.

Final check before sending. Confirm recipients and preview emails then click [Send].


Your guests will receive a copy of the original invitation email however the subject line will be prefixed with REMINDER:

*Remember its best practice to set an auto-reminder at each original invitation send. 

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