You can easily export a custom guest report for each event to share with colleagues and other event stakeholders.

The Guest export, provides prebuilt templates to quickly export your guest lists and table plans, plus it can be configured to include/exclude individual guest actions, event details, RSVP responses, ticketing information and guest contact details.

All Client Administrators, Department Administrators and Standard Users are able to export guest details , however details exported will reflect permissions and access level.

If you need to download reports across events, please see How to download the Event Guest List for multiple events?

Step 1.

From [MANAGE GUEST LIST], search the event you need the guest details for by filtering date range, venue, state or event name. Then expand [Actions] to display options and and click [Export].

Step 2.

Clicking [Export] will expand the export report options. You can select from pre-built templates and/or select the desired guest details to export.

Step 3.

You can also opt to include event information and branding in the exported .XLSX. Please see 'How to Add Branding to my Guest Export' for instructions.

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