At the heart of the Event Hub,  Event Relationship Management (ERM) system is event activity. Quickly and easily see your contacts timeline of event activities and make better decisions regarding who to invite to what.

The Event Activity Timeline, displays Events details including event name, date, time and RSVP status.

Step 1.

From the [CONTACTS] menu, select the contact you wish to see their Event Activity timeline.

Step 2.

Click [Event Activity] to display Event Activity for the chosen Contact

TIP: Only contacts with solid blue [Event Activity] have information on their timeline. Those with blue outline, haven't been invited to an event, yet. 

Step 3.

The Event Activity displays a timeline of past and future events together with the guests RSVP status -- 


  1. Will the timeline include events where a contact has been nominated?
    Yes, but only if the nomination has been approved.
  2. Who can view the contacts event activity?
    All users can view the event activity of the contacts they have access to.
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