Event Hub's Guest  Nomination feature delivers organisational and team collaboration when building your guest lists. The nominations flow enables organisations and teams to strategically decide upon who should and shouldn't be invited to your event. 

The nominations flow is a multistep process this article details how to check the status of nominations.

TIP: The Event must be configured by the Client Administrator for Guest Nominations.

Step 1

To check the status of nominations go to [GUEST NOMINATIONS] and click [Status] for the event you want to monitor.

Step 2

Guest Nominations Status displays the real-time status of nominations including; approvals for A or B lists, rejections with reasons, and RSVP Status.

Once nominations have closed and invitations have been sent  RSVP status can also be seen.

Additional Detail

For better collaboration Nominators, Department Admins and Client Admins will be able to view the full nominations list by default. If you'd prefer not to allow nominators to view the entire list, this can be de-selected from [COMPANY CONFIG}

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