Yes, you can ask your guests a custom question during the RSVP process.

This function can be enabled by the Client Administrator per event. 

Step 1.

From the [EVENTS ADMINISTRATION], find your event.

Step 2.

Click [Edit] to update your Event Configuration.

Step 3.

Go to [RSVP & EDM CONFIG] menu and check the [Enable Custom Question in RSVP] box. This will display the question options including label, description and type.

IMPORTANT: Question type can not be altered once
a response has been provided.

Step 4.

Last step is to [Save] the RSVP & EDM options.


On RSVP page, guest will be asked your custom question.

From [GUEST MANAGEMENT] you can quickly filter on RSVP responses. The number Yes or completed text responses is displayed.

The guests response provided during the RSVP process can be viewed from [GUEST MANAGEMENT], attendee details [RSVP Response] menu.

You can also find the guest responses to custom questions in the Advanced Guest List report. To find out how to export this report please see: How to download a detailed guest list

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