Tickets are essential to permit guests access to public events. Event Hub streamlines the process of ticket distribution saving you repetitive administration and enhancing the customer experience with digital PDF tickets directly in their inbox.

 This article describes the process of attaching tickets to your guests. A perquisite is the event already tickets attached. For details on adding tickets to your event please see How to add digital tickets to an event?

Step 1.

Select the desired event from [GUEST MANAGEMENT] and confirm digital tickets are attached. 

For events with Automatic Attachment =On, tickets will automatically be attached in order of RSVPs. No further action is required.

For events with Automatic Attachment = Off, tickets must be manually added to each guest.

Step 2.

To manually attach tickets to your guests where you need to strategically seat your guests, expand the event panel to display the guest list. And, then click [EDIT] to open Updating Attendee & Request Attendance dialogue.

Step 3.

Add digital ticket to your guest, but selecting the appropriate ticket from the dropdown list and save the ...

Step 4.

The green ticket icon illustrates that a ticket has been attached to this guest. To verify the exact ticket attached you can click on the icon to display a preview of the ticket.

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