We’re excited to announce Event Hub’s new automated ticketing. This major update further streamlines digital ticket distribution, making it even easier to upload and send tickets to your guests — faster, than ever.

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Q. Can I add upload tickets to a 'closed' event?
A. No. You're unable to upload tickets to past events.

Q. What type of digital tickets are supported?
A. At this time single page or multi page PDFs are supported.

Q. Can all of my tickets be in a single PDF document?
A. Yes and No. Single PDF tickets do need to be loaded to the Event Hub Portal. If you are provided with batch PDFs we maybe able to help you split them automatically with a PDF splitter tool. There are lots online also...google search "Split PDF online free"

Here at Event Hub we continue to advocate ways to improve the digital ticketing process for premium seating with the major ticketing providers. If you'd like to know more please contact us at support@eventhub.com.au

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