Making it even easier for your guests to accept, or decline, your invitation makes for a better experience. This new option can now be added to your email invitation EDM templates.

Step 1.

Send email invite(s) to your guest(s) as per normal. You can send multiple invites at once or choose to email one guest at a time. 

Step 2.

Once your guest recieves their invite email they can immediately choose to ACCEPT or DECLINE button.

Step 3a.

If a guest chooses to ACCEPT, they are direct to the RSVP landing page and can continue the RSVP process,  providing details for attending your event.

Step 3b.

If your guest has DECLINED the invitation, a simple message acknowledges the guest's response and prompts them for to provide a reason or additional information (if they wish to do so):

IMPORTANT: Existing templates will need to be edited to add this functionality. Please speak to our support team.
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