You can export an event guest list where your organisation needs the guest details for import into an external system or process. 

All Client Administrators, Department Administrators and Standard Users are able to download a Guest List, however details exported will reflect permissions and access level.

This article details how to download the guest list for multiple events. including details about unassigned tickets, declined and cancelled guests. 

Step 1.

From [GUEST MANAGEMENT] click [Export].

Step 2.

Click [Create Export]. This process may take a while depending on the number of events and guests being exported.

TIP: Please make sure your browser allows downloads from the Event Hub app.


This will download to your computer the report in .XLSX format that can be used in Microsoft Excel and other compatible programs.

The resulting guest list report shows (example above); Status, Cancelled Tickets, RSVP Completed Date, Event Details, Contact Title, First Name, Surname, Postnominal, Company, Email, Mobile, Job Title, Number of Tickets, Attendee Type, Dietary Requirements, Additional Comments, Parking and all related information about the guests that are setup in the app. 

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