Track and manage your events in real-time, perform post-event analysis to measure reach, engagement and return-on-marketing investment (ROMI) or quickly compile financial and tax reports, like fringe-benefits-tax (FBT) -- Event Hub's extensive array of reports and dashboards has you covered.

Note: Only Client Administrators have access to view and export reports.

Navigating the dashboard

Report Details

Many of the reports have tool tips that will additional display details on report insights. Hover your mouse over the (i) to display these tips.


You can filter the dashboards to show specific data for your event, state, date-range. Click on [FILTERS] to display available options for the pre-configured reports

Download raw data

Many of the reports will allow you to edit the pivot table and download the data in a .CSV file. Simply hover your mouse over the report to display the [More Options] then click to display the menu and then click [Download Data] to save the .CSV file to your computer.

Search data

You can also search any report by using the search function at top right. Click search and the search term in the search bar.

Sort data

You may also sort the column data (Ascending/Descending) by clicking the desired column. 

Overview of the Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you access all the reports available, including;  Main, Guest Analysis, Engagement Analysis and FBT


The main dashboard provides a pipeline view of event activities and their utilisation rates in real-time.


The Guest Analysis provides insights to type and quality of guests attending your event.


The engagement analysis provides insights into your event attendance. Who's opening the invitation email and taking action to RSVP.

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