Tickets can either be emailed, sent via post or can be collected at the venue. Whichever applies for your event, this can be setup on the Event Configuration by the Client Administrator.

Step 1.

 Find your event on [EVENTS ADMINISTRATION].

Step 2.

Click [Edit] on your event.

Step 3.

On Event Configuration, click [RSVP & EDM CONFIG].
Select any or all of the options that you will be utilising for [Ticket Distribution].
means via email, Post is via mail and Collection where you set a place on the venue, for the pick up of ticket.

Step 4.

Last step is to [Save] the setup.


On the RSVP page, guests will be asked which ticket distribution they prefer.

Choosing [By Email], a message will be displayed to inform guest that ticket will be sent via email closer to the event date as below.

Selecting [By Post], guest will be asked to provide delivery address.

Choosing [I'd like to collect them at the venue].

The ticket distribution preference can be viewed on the guest [RSVP Results] on [GUEST MANAGEMENT].

More on where you can find your guest's RSVP comments on the article Where do I find my guests dietary requirements?

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