Sure, you can!

Event Hub ensures this level of service is available for your VIPs when you organise your event on the app.

You can selectively offer accommodation or flight to be arranged for your guests to be able to attend your event.

Step 1.

Go to your event on [EVENTS ADMINISTRATION].

Step 2.

[Edit] your event to be able to proceed to Event Configuration window.

Step 3.

Go to [RSVP & EDM CONFIG], tick the boxes for [Can offer accommodation] & [Can offer flight].

Step 4.

Click [Save]. And you're done with the first part.

Step 5.

Activating these option will require further steps to be done.
On [GUEST MANAGEMENT], find your event then click anywhere on the event panel to open the guest list.

Step 6.

Search for the guest who will be offered with accommodation and flight.
Click [More] then select [Offer Accommodation] and [Offer Flights] as the final steps.


The bed and plane icons in grey will appear below the guest name once options are offered. These will turn blue once guest completes RSVP and confirmed the offered accommodation and flight.

On the guest's RSVP page, questions regarding accommodation and flights will appear as below.

The accommodation and flight details provided by the guest during RSVP can be viewed on the [RSVP RESULTS] area of the guest on [Guest Management]. 

More on where you can find your guest's RSVP comments on the article Where do I find my guests dietary requirements?

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