Yes, you can! And it is just a tick of a box.

Calendar plays an important part in managing our hectic schedules. 

Making it simple to add your event to your guests personal calendar is easy with Event Hub. So let's add your event's host details on the calendar file that can be downloaded at the end of the RSVP page.

Step 1.

Head over to [EVENTS ADMINISTRATION], search for your event.

Step 2.

Click the [Edit] button on your event.

Step 3.

Go to the [RSVP & EDM CONFIG] on the Event configuration window.
Tick the small box for [Include host information in calendar file].

Step 4.

Click [Save] to capture the update.


At the end of the RSVP process, if the guest confirms to be attending, the [Add to calendar] pop-up will display to offer guest the option to save the event on their calendar. 

If guest decides to add the event, the calendar file will be downloaded after clicking [Add to calendar], and can be saved to the guest's calendar. Host details will appear as below.

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