Events can generally have as simple as start and end times when it comes to timing. However, sporting events or corporate functions may have an assortment of activities lined up for guests. 

From opening to dinner, to pre-show and the list can go on. With Event Hub, you can setup all these extra event timings and be included into your invitations and event details email.

Step 1.

On [BUILD EVENTS], find your event.

Step 2.

Click [RSVP & EDM CONFIG] on event configuration.

Step 3.

Add [Event Timings] as your event calls for.

TIP: All EDMs can utilise event timings if designed to use the event timing variables. These are a key pair like;


Step 4.

Click [Save] to capture your event timings.


The added event timings will be displayed on the mail template as below.
Please contact our EDM team if you are adding event timings and you would like them to be reflected on your mail templates.

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