Having the right number of guests for your event is very important. Ensuring that you don't overshoot on that number is all the more important as every extras will entail cost. 

Event Hub has setup a measure for this to ensure you stay in control - close the RSVP.

Once it is passed your scheduled cut off date for RSVP and you have very few tickets remaining that are intended for VIPs, then you can choose to close the RSVP landing page for guests who have not confirmed attendance.

The process just takes a few clicks.

Step 1.

Go to {BUILD EVENTS], locate your event then [Edit}.

Step 2.

From the Event Configuration, click [RSVP & EDM CONFIG].
Tick the box for [Close RSVP].

Step 3.

Last step is to click [Save] and you're done.


When guest clicks on RSVP link from the invite, the below message will be displayed on the RSVP landing page.

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