Managing any event  can be tricky with so many stakeholders and activities in play at any moment. Being able to effectively communicate specific and timely event details to your team members and hosts is important for executing amazing events.

Event Hub provides a number of fields for documenting and sharing specific details and instructions, including; General Notes, Guest Nomination Instructions, Ticket Inclusions, Host Briefs.

Adding Notes to your Event

Step 1.

From [Events Administration] menu, find your event you want to add instructions.

Step 2.

Click [Edit] on your event.

Step 3.

Select [TICKETING] tab and enter instructions and details for [Guest Nominations Instructions] if your event will be opened for guest nominations. 

Guest Nominations will automatically inherit the target audience details from Guest Nominations.

Add any [Ticket inclusions and notes] such as transportation to the venue or complimentary gifts.

Step 4.

A Host brief (in pdf format) can also be uploaded by clicking the [Add Host Brief]. Select your file and upload.

Once uploaded, you can click [View Host Brief] to check your file or [Remove Host Brief] if the document is no longer needed.

View notes in Guest Management

Notes and additional meta-data is also displayed to your team-members in [GUEST MANAGEMENT] to centralise communications and help ensure all stakeholders have access to the latest information.

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