There are a number of ways to create a contact, such as a bulk import during initial setup, when nominating a guest or when building the guest list.

In this article, you will learn how to create a contact individually.

Step 1.

From [CONTACTS], click [Create Contact].

Step 2.

Enter the required information such as the Email, First & Last Names.
It is also important to set the Business Unit (BU) which may be used to isolate contacts across contact owners (ie. Other business Teams)

Learn more about Business Units in How to setup your Business Units? and Contact Groups in What is a Contact Group?

TIP: Mandatory contact fields can be set in the [Company Config] by the Client Administrator.

Step 3.

From the [CRM] tab, add additional contact details including; Company, Job Title, Account Representative (Contact Owner), etc.

Step 4.

Inside [PROFILE], you can add dietary preferences, opt-in status, additional notes and set a default extra number of tickets for your contact. 

Partner's details will be carried and can be viewed on the event on [Guest Management] once contact is added as guest. It will also be displayed during the RSVP process of the guest. Please see outcome below showing how the guest' dietary and partner details are reflected after guest was added to an event. 

Step 5.

In the [CONTACT] tab, add phone, mobile and address information.

Step 6.

Final step is click [Save Record].

Contact related Impacts.

For contacts with Default Extra Tickets and partner's details added, these will be displayed when the guest is added to an event on [Guest Management]. See How to invite a guest to my event?

Once it is confirmed that an extra ticket is given to the guest, the partner's details are reflected below the guest.

Once the guest proceeds to RSVP after receiving the invite, the added partner's information and dietary requirements will also be shown for the guest to confirm as below.

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