Creating and modifying users to enable delegation and collaboration securely across your organisation is important in executing any event activity. 

Each user is configured with a specific role, that provides certain permissions to perform tasks within your Event Hub portal. To learn more about the user roles, please look at Types of Users - Roles & Permissions.

Important: Only Client Administrators can create users.

Creating a user

Step 1.

Go to [USERS] area, click [Add User].

Step 2.

Enter details of the user.

A user must be setup with Email, First & Last Names, Personal Title, ID, phone number and Business unit. If ID & phone number are not yet known, TBA can be set.

Step 3.

Click on [Permissions], select the role of the user.
If you are not sure on which user role to choose, please check out the Types of Users - Roles & Permissions article.

Step 4.

Tick the box for [Send Reset Password Email] to generate a password reset link to be sent to the new user.

Step 5.

And last is to click [Save User].


The new user will receive a password reset link via email. Once the user clicks on the link, he will be directed to the reset password page as below.

After Reset Password is clicked, user will be directed to the login page.

Next Step

How to log in?

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