Do your event invitations need to come from the CEO, MD or another Team Member? No problem. You can modify the email FROM: field when you email the invitations.
This is shown in your guests email client.

Step 1.

On [Guest Management], locate your event.

Step 2.

Click anywhere on the event panel to expand and open the guest list.

Step 3.

Search for the guest whom you would like to send the invite to.
Click [More], then select [Send Invite] from the options.

Step 4.

Select the invite template to use.

Initially, your company is setup with a standard EDM set for Invite, Confirmation and Details. Learn more about EDMs and how you can come up with your own branded EDMs for your events, check out the article on What is an EDM? 

Step 5.

Click [Customise] to change the FROM: Field

Step 6.

Change the From Name in the [Who is the email from?] to the person or group you want the email FROM: field to display. 

This will change the name in the FROM: field shown in your guests mail client. For example using Google Mail

Step 7.

Click [Next >] to move forward.

Step 8.

Check all the recipients to make sure you are sending to the correct people/emails then click [Next >].

Step 9.

And the final step, click [Send].

Next Step

How to check emails sent to guests?

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