Event detail changes are inevitable, especially as the date draws near. These last-minute changes can easily be reflected on your event and can be done by the Client Administrator only

Step 1.

On [EVENTS ADMISTRATION] window, locate your event.

Step 2.

Click [Edit] on your event.

Step 3.

From the [DETAILS] tab, you can update any of the fields such as, a change on venue or facility name or maybe you need to increase the number of tickets/guests to be invited. 

Step 4.

Moving on to [TICKETING], a guideline can be added on [Guest Nominations Instructions] if your event will be opened for guest nominations. 

Any ticket inclusions such as transportation to the venue can also be noted on the [Ticket Inclusions and Notes].

Step 5.

A Host brief (in pdf format) can also be uploaded by clicking the [Add Host Brief]. Select your file and upload.

Once uploaded, you can click [View Host Brief] to check your file or [Remove Host Brief] if the document is no longer needed.

Step 6.

On the [VALUATION] tab, the monetary value for notional, catering, gift and other cost related to the event can be added. These information will be pulled into the reports on the [Dashboard] under [FBT].

Step 7.

In the [PROCESS CONFIG], you can set the method for adding guests.

On [Direct Allocation], [Enforce] guests are added directly on the event by the Assigned to user after tickets are allocated.

With [Guest Nominations], choosing [Allow] opens your event for teams to suggest guests to be invited, subject for approval. More information on guest nominations on the article How to enable and configure the nomination guests for my event? 

Step 8.

Setup the [RSVP & EDM CONFIG] for your event.

There are a lot of features that you can add to you RSVP landing page and your EDM templates in this window. 

Step 9.

And lastly, click [Save] to reflect the updates you've made on your event.

Next Step

How to resend the event invitation or details.

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