Event Hub's Guest  Nomination feature delivers organisational and team collaboration when building your guest lists. The nominations flow enables organisations and teams to strategically decide upon who should and shouldn't be invited to your event. 

The nominations flow is a multistep process this article details how to approve the guest list.

TIP: The Event must be configured by the Client Administrator for Guest Nominations.

Guest Approvals

Step 1 - Notification

At 9am of the day post nominations close all relevant approvers will receive a notification email of any nominations pending approval.

Clicking the link in the email will take the approver directly to the Guest Management > Awaiting Approval page where they can see nominations pending approval per event.

Step 2

From [MANAGE GUEST LIST], select [Awaiting Approval] to list events awaiting approval. Click on the event panel to expand it and show the nominated guests.

Step 3

The approver can view the nominated guests, including the strategic reason if provided. Note, this can be made mandatory (refer Article: "How to enable and configure the nomination of guests for my event") 

Nominated guests are prioritised by the nominator and guests are thus segmented into A/B lists. 

The approver can re-prioritise by simply re-arranging the order by dragging'n'dropping the guest name tile. 

The approver can also reject (delete) a guest nomination if necessary. When rejecting a nomination a reason is suggested.

Step 4

Once guests have been approved, they'll appear in [GUEST MANAGEMENT], [APPROVED]

Next Step 

The final step is to send your invitations. Please refer to 'How to send invitations' article for detailed instructions.

If any of your A-List guests are unable to attend, you can quickly promote a B-list guest by searching on the Guest Status filter "B-LIST" and add the desired guest by clicking on [Move to A-List]

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