The nominations flow is a multistep process this article details how to nominate and prioritise your guests.

TIP: The Event must be configured by the Client Administrator for Guest Nominations.

Guest Nominations

Step 1

Where the selected users have been notified as requested to nominate they will receive an email with the event details and nomination period. 

Step 2

From [GUEST NOMINATIONS] inside Event Hub, select the Event and click [Nominate Guests].

Step 3

Search available contacts and click [Nominate] to add them to the nominated guest list for the event. The nominator can enter a strategic reason for each guest (this can be mandatory or optional depending upon event configuration). The nominator can also specify a number of tickets for each guest (based upon event configuration).

The priority order of the nominated guests will govern which guest will be moved up the list if there are more guests than tickets. You can easily re-arrange the order by by dragging the guest tile to the desire position.

Step 4

Click [Save Nominations] to submit nominated guests.

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