At the heart of the Event Hub,  Event Relationship Management (ERM) system is  event activity. Creation of the event is a critical step to managing activities and collaborating with team members.

At the core of events are 2 types. Public events and Private events. Given that all data required for public events, by their nature, is publicly available we suggest that adding these events to the application is non-value added. Event Hub Can facilitate the creation of public events automatically. 

TIP: If you have public events that you
would like us to manage let us know and
we will facilitate this.

Only Client Administrator's can create an event.

Step 1.

To create a new event. Select [New Event] from within the [Build Events] Menu. 

Step 2.

Click on [Asset Type] and select the appropriate option for your event from the available choices. 

Asset Types like Hospitality, Business Events, Sponsorships, are used for categorisation and reporting by asset. Asset Types are configurable on a per company basis. 

Step 3.

Select the relevant [Ticket Type].

Tickets Types like A-Reserve, Premium-Reserves, Platinum, GA, are used for automated ticket distribution where applicable. Ticket Types are configurable on a per company basis. 

Step 4.

Enter the number of tickets available on [Ticket Count] or the number of guests to be invited to your event.

Step 5.

Select or create a [Venue Name].

Step 6.

Add the [Facility Name] from the venue and the [Event Name].

Step 7.

Select the [Event Type] and Enter the date for [Event Start] and [Event Finish].

Step 8.

And the final step is to click [Create Event].


On Events Administration window you will find your newly-created event. 

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