You can choose to send invites individually or send to a batch of guests. The send multiple invite method is the focus of this article.

If you are looking to send invite to one guest at a time, you can refer to How to email an individual invite to my event?

Step 1.

On [Manage Guest List], locate your event.

Step 2.

Click [Actions] on the event panel, select [Send Multiple Invite].

Step 3.

Select the invite template to use.

During your company's initial setup, you will be provided with a standard EDM set for invite, confirmation and event details. 

Choose from your available EDM's.

If you're unsure as to what an EDM is and how you can build your own branded templates, please refer to our What is an EDM? article. 

Step 4.

Click [Customise] to set EDM options including:
RSVP cut off date, reminder date or editing the CC or BCC fields.

Step 5.

By default, the [RSVP By] date is set at 3 days before the event and the [Reminder Date] a day before the RSVP cut off date. 

However, the default dates can be overridden to your desired dates.

All fields on the left can be customised if you need to change your default settings.

Click [Preview] to see how your invite will look or [Update] to save the changes made.

Step 6.

Click [Apply To All] to apply changes made on Customise area to all the guests.

The [Customise] button on each guest allows you to set different details such as the RSVP cut off date for each guest. 

Step 7.

Click [Next >] to proceed.

Step 8.

On the recipients section, you can uncheck any guest to exclude from the send.

Click [Preview Selection] to preview the invite and to ensure that it is looking as expected. This step is a must-do before send.

Step 9.

On preview, make sure to check the formatting and the details i.e. RSVP date is set correctly.

[Close] the preview once done with checking then click [Next >] on the following window.

Step 10.

Finally, the last step is to click [Send].


Once invite is sent, the first column under Notification Status will now be checked.

Here's what the Notification and RSVP statuses mean.

Next Step

How to send Event Details? 

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