Event Hub's invite send process offers a lot of customisation options to fulfil your requirement. And there are two (2) ways to send.

You can either send invites per individual guest, or to a group of guests.

In this article we will show you how you can send your invite individually to a guest. A use case example might be a ticket has been cancelled and you only need to send one invitation only.

Step 1.

On [Manage Guest List], locate your event.

Step 2.

Click anywhere on the event panel to expand and open the guest list.

Step 3.

Search for the guest whom you would like to send the invite to.
Click [More], then select [Send Invite] from the options.

Step 4.

Select the invite template to use.

Initially, your company is setup with a standard EDM set for Invite, Confirmation and Details. Learn more about EDMs and how you can come up with your own branded EDMs for your events, check out the article on What is an EDM? 

Step 5.

Click [Customise] to set the RSVP cut off date consistent with your event planning dates.

Step 6.

By default, the [RSVP By] date is set at 3 days before the event and the [Reminder Date] a day before the RSVP cut off. 

However, the default dates can be overridden to your preferred dates.

Click [Preview] to see how your invite will display.

Step 7.

Tick the [Close] button to exit preview and go back to the previous window.

Step 8.

Click [Update] to save the changes made on the customise window.

Step 9.

Click [Next >] to move forward.

Step 10.

Check the recipient to make sure you are sending to the correct guest/email then click [Next >].

Step 11.

And the final step, click [Send].


Once invite is sent, the first column on Notification Status will be checked.

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