With a packed venue, parking can be constrained and you may have only a limited number of parking slots. In this situation you can selectively offer parking to a few of your special guests.

Step 1.

Setup the parking option for your event to [Available to selected guests]. Please follow the steps that can be found in How to offer parking to my guests? article.

Step 2.

After setting your parking option to [Available to selected guests], go to [MANAGE GUEST LIST], look for your event where parking is offered.

Click on the event panel to expand it to show the guests details.

Step 3.

Locate the guest you will be offering parking.
Click [More] then select [Offer Parking] as the final step.

Step 4.

Repeat this for each VIP guest at the event where you will be offering parking.


The grey car icon below the first name of the guest will appear once parking is offered to guests.

The grey car icon turns blue once the guest accepted the offered parking and RSVP is completed.

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