Event Hub's Guest  Nomination feature delivers organisational and team collaboration when building your guest lists. The nominations flow enables organisations and teams to strategically decide upon who should and shouldn't be invited to your event. 

The nominations flow is a multistep process that begins at the creation of an event by the Client Administrator. This article details how to configure your event for nominations.

Event Configuration

Step 1

From [BUILD EVENTS] create a [New Event] or [Edit] an existing event (if allocations are not yet fully exhausted.)

Step 2

In the Event Configuration window, select the [PROCESS CONFIG] menu. 

Select [Allow] in the Guest Nominations menu option and then click [Save].

Step 3

Next, allocate event tickets to the desired Business Units. For detailed instructions on allocation please see 'How to allocate tickets?'

Step 4

From [ALLOCATE TO BUSINESS UNITS], search for the desired event and in the event panel click [Build Guest Nominations]. 

IMPORTANT: An event can be opened for nominations by a client administrator or department administrator.

Step 5

In Build Guest Nominations, Select the Approver who will approve the nominated contacts. Next, enter the date/time when the nominations will close. Finally, click [Release] to open the event for nominations.

TIP: Please allow sufficient time for your team to nominate/approve contacts also considering the window to invite guests.

Step 6

Confirm that the nominations are now open by the green block showing available tickets in the event panel under Allocations. 

Next Steps

Nominate your Guests.

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