Making sure that you have all the necessary details about your guests such as dietary requirements. This is critical in delivering that special customer experience. 

Your guests as part of the Invitation and RSVP process can add and update their dietary preferences and provide additional comments and details that you can use to better plan and execute your event.

Tip: Guest preferences are only visible to the Client Administrators and Department Administrators. Aggregated dietary needs are provided in the guest report and also in the Guest Check in App. Below illustrates where to find data at a per guest level.

Step 1.

On [Guest Management], locate your event.

Step 2.

Click on the event panel to open the guest list.

Step 3.

Go to [Filter RSVP Requests] and click the dropdown to reveal options, select [Dietary] as an example to display guests with dietary requests.

Step 4.

Click [Edit] on guest.

Step 5.

In the pop-up window, go to [RSVP RESULTS].

Step 6.

Check for the guest partner's dietary request.
Click anywhere on the guest panel to reveal partners/extra tickets.
Click [Edit] on partner.

Step 7.

On the [Attendee Details], you will find all information about the partner including dietary requirements.

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