Event venues may or may not provide parking spaces for your guests. Whatever the case may be, you can configure parking on your event with Event Hub's event management solution.

Step 1.

From [BUILD EVENTS], locate your event and click [Edit]

Step 2.

Under Event Configuration, go to [RSVP & EDM Config].

Step 3.

Choose one (1) of the available three (3) options: Not Available, Available to all or Available to selected guests

Step 4.

Selecting [Available to all] or [Available to selected guests] will enable a customisable parking message to be displayed on the RSVP page of your event.

Step 5.

Once your parking is setup on the event configuration, the final step is to click [Save].

TIP: Enabling the available parking
options will trigger parking questions
to be included in the RSVP page
for guests.

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How to offer parking to my VIPs?

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