Allocated tickets to teams or Business Units (BU) can be auto-assign-ed to a user if a default assignee was selected upon setup of the Business Unit. However if there was no default assignee, allocated tickets need to be assigned to a user who will be inviting guests to the event. 

TIP: The assignee will have "ownership" of those tickets. 
They may invite the guest OR simply record the name
of the individual who used the ticket for reporting purposes.

Step 1.

On [Allocate to Business Units], locate your event and click [Assign].

Step 2.

Select a [User] and indicate the number of tickets out of the total open tickets, click [Assign] to assign the tickets to the user and close window. 

Step 3.

Repeat step 2 for each of the users, until all tickets have been assigned.

Step 4.

Once all tickets have been assigned you'll see [None Left!] for each business unit allocated with tickets for the event.


Once all tickets are assigned to a user, the event is now released to Manage Guest List ready for adding guests.

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