Part of Event Hub's end to end event relationship management solution is the ability to gather guests' dietary requirements if catering is provided at your event. This is done during the invitation and RSVP dialogue with your guests.

Obtaining these dietary preferences ahead of the event will provide you ample time to plan and ensure your guests are served the right refreshments to make your event an amazing experience.

The setting up catering can only be done by a Client Administrator.

Step 1.

On [BUILD EVENTS] find  your event then click [Edit] in the event panel.

Step 2.

From the Event Configuration window, select the [RSVP & EDM Config], and check Catering Provided. This will also open up a new option for you to [Upload Menu]. If you wish to do this, proceed to step 3.

Step 3.

To upload a menu for your event, click [Upload Menu]. Search for your file and attach.

Step 4.

The final step is to click [Save] and this will bring you back to the Build Events window, where you will see your event updated with the catering icon.

TIP: Adding catering to your event configuration 
will include questions regarding dietary requirements
when guest RSVP and gets save into the system.

The responses added here by any guest are stored for the event AND permanently as meta data on the contact for future use.

Next Steps

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