Collaboration across your teams and management of events and guests can be segmented by using Business Units. Business Units can be configured to mimic your organisational structure for streamlined delegation and approval processes.

The configuration of Business Units can only be done by a Client Administrator and is a critical step setting up your company.

Step 1.

From [BUSINESS UNITS], click [Add Business Unit].

Step 2.

On the [Business Unit Configuration] under [Details], fill in the information of your business unit.

TIP; Assigning a default assignee will
auto-assign ticket allocations for a
business unit and will save you time as
well as you don't need to go to [ALLOCATE TO BUSINESS UNITS]
to assign those tickets.

Step 3.

Set the approver for your business unit on the [Approval Path] tab.
Click [Add Approver].

Step 4. 

The final step is to click [Save Business Unit].

Important note regarding privacy;

All contact information is visible to Client Admins, Department Admins, Nominating Users and Standard Users. For further information regarding roles and permissions please read: Types of Users -- Roles & Permissions

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