Apportioning tickets across different sales teams, regions or business unit is easy with Event Hub. Your company may be configured to have a single business unit or many to facilitate the collaboration of event activities across your organisation.

The allocation of tickets can only be done by a Client Administrator and is a critical step after event creation.   

Step 1.
From the [Build Events], locate your event.

Step 2.
Click on event panel to expand and open up the allocation area.

Step 3.
Add the number of tickets to be allocated to the business units under [Total Allocated] and click [Save].

Step 4.

Repeat step 3 for each of the Business Units as applicable.

Tickets that are allocated to a Business Unit where a default assignee (user) is configured will automatically be assigned and shown as ticketed.
No further action will be required.  

Tickets that are allocated to a Business Unit where there is no default assignee will remain open until they're assigned. See next steps below.

Step 5. 

Final step is to check the event status icon. It will turn green once all tickets have been allocated.

Next Step(s).

  1. How to assign tickets to a user? (Only required if Business Unit has no default assignee.)
  2. How to add guests to your event?
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