There are a few different ways to manage guests inside Event Hub – we find this method best when you need to add a new guest to the event at the last minute or just to add a single guest quickly.

Step 1.

From [Manage Guest List] locate your event from the available events.

TIP: Use search filters; Name, Date, Venue & State, 
to quickly locate the specific event you're building
your guest list.

Step 2.

Click anywhere in the event panel so that it expands to show guest details including guest name, partners, notifications and RSVP status, etc.

Step 3.

Filter the Guest Status to show only available tickets and click [Add Guest] .

Step 4. 

Select either Guest or Employee from [Attendee Type] and start entering the attendees name to display matching contacts in your Event Hub portal. If the attendee already exists, click [Choose] to add as guest to your event.

Step 5.

If you can't find the name, click [Create New Guest] to add their details.

For a more detailed instructions on how to create a contact, please check out How to Create a Contact.

Step 6.

Click [Save Record] to save your new contact.

Step 7.

Optionally, provide additional tickets for this guest to bring partners or colleagues to the event

Step 8.

Click [Yes] to send the invite immediately to your guest. Or if you prefer to send it later, click [No].

Step 9.

The final step is to confirm your guests and tickets from Manage Guest List.

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