There are multiple user roles in  Event Hub that help manage your team's access to build and execute events. 


There are two terms used to define roles in Event Hub, Allocation and Assignment.

Allocation: refers to the apportioning tickets to Business Units. For example 100 tickets maybe split 50 : 50 between Sales and Marketing.

Assignment: refers to the process where those tickets are owned by individuals. Individuals become responsible for the usage of each ticket assigned to them.

Client Administrator

The Client Administrator has an all-access pass to the Event Hub portal for creating and managing Events, Users, Guests, Business Units, Nominations, Contacts. Client Administrators also have access to the reporting and analytics dashboards.

Main tasks;

  • Create Events
  • Configure Events
  • Allocate Tickets to Business Units
  • Creating Users & Business Units

Department Administrator

The Department Administrator has a dedicated pass to the Event Hub portal for creating and managing Guests, Business Units, Nominations Contacts. A Department Administrator is assigned to one (or more) business units to own and manage.
For example the Head of Marketing who manages the distribution of the Marketing Business Unit's tickets.

Main Tasks;

  • Assign Tickets from their gate-kept Business Unit
  • Any task performed by a standard user.

Nominating User

A nominating User has a special access pass allowing them to nominate a guest for events where nominations are expected.

Main Tasks;

  • Nominate guests for approval.

Standard User

A Standard User is a user who has been assigned tickets.

Main tasks;

  • Add a guest name to a ticket.
  • Issue Invitation or record attendance status.
  • Follow up where there is no reply.
  • Depending on config or team rules - issue Event Details/tickets.

Non System Users.

Non System users are users who do need to login but may be the recipient of a ticket to an event. They are employees - as opposed to third party contacts - and thus FBT calculations remain valid.

A standard user can also be a nominating user.

Depending on the size of your business a client administrator might perform all tasks.

Only Client Administrators are allowed to change User Permissions.

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