Event Hub is a complete Event Relationship Management solution and provides a powerful event CRM to help organisations of all sizes manage their guests and employee contact information and event preferences such as dietary requirements.

There are a few different ways to manage guests inside Event Hub – we find this method best when you have all your contacts already created in Event Hub.

Step 1.

From [Guest Management] locate your event from the listed events. 

TIP: Use search filters; Name, Date, Venue & State, 
to quickly locate the specific event you're building
your guest list.

Step 2.

In the event panel select [Actions] and from the drop-down menu select [Add Guests] form the options.

Step 3.

From within the Add Guests window build your guest list by searching and adding your contacts.

TIP: Search contacts by name, type (employee or guest)
and tag. Tags are a powerful way to segment contacts
based upon activity preference, value, status - you

In the Guest List panel you can track the total number of tickets, tickets added and available tickets. Additional tickets, say for partners, can be added for each Guest.

If you can’t find a contact, you can create a new contact directly in the Guest List panel. This contact will be added to your database so they're available for future events.

Step 4.

The final step is to [Confirm Guest List] where you'll be taken back to the Guest Management window.

TIP: After you confirm youll be taken back to this
event as the Event name will automatically be added
to the search filter.

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